Overfinch revealed the latest chapter in its history of groundbreaking conversions by unveiling the Supersport at the 2016 Salon Privé.

Strictly limited to 25 units globally – to ensure exclusivity of what will be a future classic model – the Overfinch Supersport is focused on lightweight, increased power and improved dynamics.


True to its roots as the original Range Rover tuning company, Overfinch has reworked the record-breaking SVR to create a remarkable, uncompromised vehicle. Bodywork is produced in hand-laid carbon fibre for strength and durability; and to remain in-keeping with the Range Rover’s new weight-saving ethos. The exterior styling can be tailored to allow for different carbon fibre and paint finishes, creating an individual but cohesive appearance.


  • The all-carbon-fibre bonnet also delivers a reduction in weight compared with the standard component of 5.0kg (33%),
  • The Overfinch titanium exhaust weighs just 14.81kg, a saving of almost 11kg (43%) over the standard item.
  • This lightweight system reduces exhaust back pressure by 60% and has been specifically designed as part of an Overfinch performance package.


  • Reducing weight – especially rotational mass – pays dividends in agility, acceleration and braking performance.
  • The Leggero 22”x10.5J alloy wheel fitted to the Overfinch Supersport is the lightest wheel the company has ever offered for any Range Rover model.
  • The precision-milled forged monobloc wheel achieves significant weight savings (5.5kg) when compared with the factory SVR wheel.
  • The Leggero wheel’s extra 0.5” width increases the size of the contact patch, to the benefit of grip.


  • This enhanced package includes a new intake system, developed using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) that increases efficiency by 30% overall.
  • The Overfinch approach incorporates a secondary intake as well as a new airfilter housing for improved flow distribution.
  • Manufactured using the latest F1 3D printing technology, the system introduces an all new intake duct with optimised flow and reduced pressure drop.

Inside, the sporting Overfinch seat design offers customised stitching and hide colours, executed in flawless style using the finest Bridge of Weir leather.

Overfinch has earned an unparalleled reputation for the quality of its conversions. The new Overfinch Supersport sets the bar high; carbon-fibre, in an immaculately-aligned herringbone weave, was chosen both for its lightweight and for its aesthetic qualities.

At the rear, the tailgate badge plinth in exposed carbon-fibre features the Overfinch ‘blade’ emblem – the only exterior signifier of the car’s pedigree.

The Bluetooth-controlled dual valves liberates the full soul-stirring snarl of the supercharged 5.0 V8 where conditions permit.

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