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Daringly Assertive and Dynamically Stunning

The enhanced sporting aesthetic that combines a standout appearance with performance and exclusivity is the hallmark of every Overfinch redefinition of the Range Rover Sport.

Taking the newly refreshed Range Rover Sport model as the base from which to begin the Overfinch process, the body styling package is designed to add a visual dynamism to the car — proportions are accentuated through a wealth of details, for a vehicle that exudes confidence.


Seating Styles Veneers Carpeting Styles


Design Packs for Sport

Overfinch presents the design pack collection for Sport. With years of expertise in assembling design schemes that incorporate complementary metalwork details,  Overfinch designers have suggested a range of schemes to express key design “moods.” Each pack incorporates a complete selection of brightwork and exterior finishing for a vehicle.

Listen to the Overfinch

Performance Exhaust*

*available on 5.0L petrol engines

Press the engine start/stop button to listen to the Overfinch exhaust system, optional with the 5.0 Supercharged petrol engine.

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Limited Edition Supersport

With the unveiling of the SuperSport, Overfinch revealed the latest chapter in its history of ground breaking, high performance conversions. SuperSport is focussed on reduced weight, increased power and improved dynamics, Supersport is the ultimate-driver focussed Overfinch. With production strictly limited to just 25 units globally, exclusivity in ensured.

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