The Ultimate Expression of the Range Rover Icon

Since 1975, Overfinch has been famed for creating highly individual and beautifully-crafted interpretations of the Range Rover. The 2024 Overfinch features bold exterior styling and a fully restyled interior.

No other independent company has contributed more to the advancement and customization of the Range Rover than Overfinch.

Distinctive Presence

The design aesthetic is predictably cohesive and sympathetic to the original: creating a distinctive, dynamic reinterpretation of the Range Rover that works in harmony with the base vehicle.

At the front of the vehicle, the air intake surrounds, diffuser and grille all feature new herringbone carbon fiber. For 2024, a new lettering style has been introduced, available in a shadow chrome or a duo-tone finish. The distinctive, louvred appearance of the inner letter represents a subtle detailing update.

At the rear, Overfinch stainless steel exhaust tips are housed in carbon fiber, for a bolder, more purposeful aesthetic.

Together, the vehicle is tastefully transformed, creating a striking first impression that is instantly recognizable as an Overfinch.

A New Centre of Attention

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Designed specifically for the 2024 Overfinch, the striking new 24 inch ‘Centurion’ has enormous road presence.

The wheel features a central, self-levelling ‘Blade’ emblem, the Overfinch mark of distinction. This floating hubcap is another first for the brand and a much sought-after differentiator.

Innovative Design

The addition of a new light bar that spans the full width of the tailgate and incorporates the illuminated ‘Blade’ emblem is the ultimate signifier that this is no ordinary Range Rover.

Stealing the Light

Overfinch’s signature ‘Blade’ emblem is now illuminated for the first time and is bestowed upon the grille and the side vents.

Individualization continues to be at the forefront of the Overfinch proposition.

Inside the vehicle, the beautifully restyled seats are spectacular, with diamond quilted, perforated leather throughout, sourced from the finest automotive hides available.

Embossed headrests are paired with individually machined seat badges. Overfinch have dubbed the new interior ‘Aurora’ – a reference to the mesmerizing natural beauty of the Northern lights.

Created for You

An Overfinch becomes an expression of your individuality.

To take your Range Rover to the next level of bespoke luxury, inquire with a member of the Overfinch team.

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