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The Ultimate Redefinition Of The Performance Range Rover

With the unveiling of the Supersport, Overfinch revealed the latest chapter in its history of ground breaking, high performance conversions. Supersport is focussed on reduced weight, increased power and improved dynamics, Supersport is the ultimate-driver focussed Overfinch. With production strictly limited to just 25 units globally, exclusivity is ensured.






A focus on weight reduction

The all-carbon-fibre bonnet delivers a notable 33% weight reduction over the standard item, while the carbon fibre bumpers, skirts and splitters both front and rear ensure that the mass of bodywork is minimised

The Leggero 22” x 10.5J alloy wheel fitted to the Overfinch Supersport is the lightest wheel the company has ever offered for any Range Rover model. A precision milled Monobloc wheel, it is 5.5 kg lighter and .5” wider per wheel than any factory supplied rim. This dramatic reduction in rotational mass increases vehicle agility, as well as acceleration and braking abilities.


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A focus on performance through responsiveness

The bespoke performance package for the Supersport is designed to deliver the significant gains in the vehicle’s real-world performance, through increased responsiveness.

The bespoke Overfinch induction and exhaust system have been designed using the latest CFD to optimise air flow and balance system pressures. This system endows the Supersport with a 33% increase in efficiency over the SVR, which can be felt through the sharper power delivery across the rev range.

Underneath the exterior lies the bespoke Overfinch titanium exhaust system for the Supersport, which at just 14 kg, gives a near 50% weight saving on the standard item.

Listen to your


Performance Exhaust System

Press the engine start/stop button to listen to the Overfinch Supersport titanium exhaust system, complimented by the Overfinch performance induction system